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How is MWS Different? The benefits of implementing the MWS Licensing Option goes beyond conventional training. Since Line Manage...

MWS Master Trainers are unlike any other If you’re in the process of researching the Master Trainer Certification it means you’ve...

Starting as an MWS Master Trainer   Step 1: Getting to know each other. 1. Apply to be a Potential Master Trainers Submit...


So you've been a professional trainer for a while now and I'll bet you've thought about eventually becoming a Master Trainer. That's a wonderful idea!
MWS Master Trainer Certification could be just what you need. Contact us at MWS International, we are more than happy to assist in taking your training career to the next level.
Claim your place as Guru, as teacher, as leader..... we invite you to claim your place as MASTER TRAINER. 


The MWS Master Trainer Certification Program is only for the selected experienced trainers who wants to expand their training business and profitability.

The MWS Master Trainer is not just a certification, it is a comprehensive business system. The MWS Licensing Option is the training system approach created by MWS, not only will you receive accreditation of being a Master Trainer, you also get a training business system for you to grow your own band of licensed trainers.

As a Master Trainer of MWS, you stand to gain:

  • A new revenue line to expand your offerings and profits.

  • A comprehensive suite of products and services to offer corporates and freelance trainers to get them started as a Trainer.

  • Access to the MWS Sales Portal complete with all the resources you’ll need to promote and market yourself and MWS.

  • The continuous support of MWS International in your training business.

  • An internationally acclaimed certification.

  • An elite network of Master Trainers to collaborate and leverage on.

  • Credibility to set you apart and be a cut above other trainers.

  • The MWS Training Portal with over 1000 activities and stories.

You owe it to yourself to develop and grow further in your career. Raise your standards by honouring your value and worth. Make this your time.



By being an MWS Master Trainer, you not only get international accreditation and stature of being a Master Trainer. You will also be getting extra income streams from MWS. From the certification of MWS Licensed Trainers as well as the sale of any MWS Trainers Kit. 
In short, MWS Master Trainers are business owners. Not just a trainer of trainers!

Now that's saying something. 

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