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Step 4: Certify Trainers

Market and conduct your MWS Licensed Trainers Certification program.

Your MWS Licensed Trainers can purchase their MWS Trainers Kit from the MWS website or from you directly.

Step 1 : Getting To Know You

Submit your application with your resume/profile to include your educational certification background, work experiences, list of programs you have trained in, your client’s list, testimonials, etc. and sample videos of your training

1. Apply to be a Potential Master Trainer

2. Complete and send in the Master Trainer Assessment

Upon approval, you will receive training in the MWS business.

  1. MWS Business Program MWS Products and Services

  2. MWS Content Coaching to understand how to train your trainers the MWS Licensed Trainers how to use the MWS Trainers Kit

  3. MWS Branding You specially to create your marketing pack – brochures, flyers and website.

Upon full payment, you will then receive a package from MWS International
that contains all the MWS Master Trainer tools needed for you to conduct
your MWS Licensed Trainer Certification.


In the package you will find:


MWS Master Trainer Handbook:
  • PowerPointSlide Printouts

  • Master Trainer’s Notes

  • MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Program Syntax

  • A deck of Rebus and Antonym Cards

  • A set of Trainers Guiding Principles Card


A Pendrive:
  • Video tutorials on how to conduct the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Program

  • Soft copies of all MWS Training Aids 

  • Printed Room Posters to decorate your training room with positive affirmations

  • Printed Reusable FlipCharts

  • Playlist of recommended songs


Props and Tools for Learning Activities:
  • Printed Goals, Concerns and Expectations labels for your Vision Board

  • Plus a deck of coloured papers

  • A can of spray mount

  • A bag of MWS Ducks, a signature of the MWS Brand

  • MWS Bag Of Tricks, used in one of the activities in the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Workshop

  • Headbands for your participants

  • A timing bell

  • A Ball

  • A set of floor markers to form your Circle of Excellence


5 complete MWS Learning Kit for you to start your first MWS Licensed Trainer Certification workshop:
  • The MWS Licensed Trainers Certification Handbook

  • Certificate

  • A MWS Outline Book


Step 2: Payment and
MWS Master Trainer Package Delivery

3. Begin Your MWS Master Trainers Certification Program

Go through and complete the MWS Master Trainers Program, understand the flow of the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification. During your MWS Master Trainer Certification Program, you may want to schedule a conference call to clarify, ask questions or simply to discuss your lessons. We will continuously support you through your skills and knowledge development as a Trainer of trainers and the values and philosophy of the MWS Methodology.

4. Send in the Final Assessment

Before you are certified, you will need to complete a Final Assessment as well as a video recording of a mock MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Program.


* Contact us for Easy Payment Option

Step 3: Official Certification as an MWS Master Trainer

You will be issued an MWS Master Trainer Certificate. You are now authorized to train and certify MWS Licensed Trainers.


Schedule and conduct your first MWS Licensed Trainer Certification workshop. A representative from MWS International will sit in the workshop and evaluate your performance. And to discover what type of support you would require from MWS in order to make your business easier and successful for you.


An online Skype session will be arranged with the Master Trainer Accessor, to answer any questions about training the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification program and give you the proper constructive feedback and debrief based on your performance.

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